Bands / Projects

Vultures Quartet

Vultures Quartet play improvised music. I play laptop, mics and various bits and pieces of home made instruments with Vultures Quartet. This is the band I have played most with recently. We've played at the Avant Garde Festival in Germany run by Jean-Herve Peron (of Faust) twice. We play mainly in London but have also played in France, Germany, America, Macedonia and Holland.

I have also engineered and mixed several Vultures Quartet recordings.

Matt Chilton and Daniel Thompson

This is an electro acoustic duo. Daniel plays acoustic guitar and I generate sounds using the guitar as a source for signal processing and sample manipulation. This is a really exciting project and has already led to us working with other free improv performers.

Why Camels Have No Wings

With Kay Grant (vocals), Will Connor (percussion) and Daniel Thompson (acoustic guitar). This is a free improv band. We've done some recordings which we hope will be available soon. We also play live occasionally.


Shugoran is an improvising trio: me, Will Connor and Dayvid Q (aka Adio). I play Pd mainly with this band but also quite often find myself micing up junk and processing the sound of it. The stuff I do with this band is more electronic and "harder" sounding than the stuff I do with Vultures Quartet.

The French Electric

The French Electric is a more traditional, but nonetheless exciting band taking influences from a lot of early 80s post punk bands. I play synth with them. Wayne Owens is the songwriter - see Renderplant (below) for more details about Wayne.


RenderPlant is a post industrial noise project. I play synths and laptop, Wayne Owens (the other full time member of the band) uses a laptop and quite often uses found sounds and field recordings which are then manipulated heavily. Rebecca Bogue has performed live with us several times as a dancer. Aurora Sommer contributed vocals to one of our tracks.

The recordings on myspace were mixed by me.

Kill Minus Nine

This is a kind of trip hop / electronic trio. The other two members are Emma Gosnell and Paul Cockerham, both of whom sing and Paul also plays the bass. I do the audio programming - synths and beats, along with a bit of guitar. The influences are, more than anything, early 90s trip hop, particularly the first three Tricky albums and Portishead, but who knows where we might go? Emma is learning to sing jazz, Paul is quite into his rock and I love electronic music so there are a lot of diverse influences.

The name comes from the UNIX command kill -9 [pid] which is a "non-catchable, non-ignorable kill". Nothing can survive a kill -9.


Spork is a long running project, consisting of me and Ed Lush. Over the last ten years or more we've done very few gigs but occasionally play live - our last gig was at the Big Chill festival in August 2008.

I play guitar, bass and synth in Spork as does Ed, who also plays drums. We both engineer and mix the recordings.

The Miller Test

The Miller Test is a band who play Paul Miller's songs - I play guitar, bass and synth with them. We've all known each other for years and have played in various combinations in various bands. I am currently recording, mixing and mastering some new recordings which will be available online soon


I play bass live occasionally with Bromide. I also played bass on the last Bromide albumn (The Trouble With...) and also mixed it. I may well be playing bass / keyboards on the next Bromide album.

The Domestics

The Domestics is an electro pop project of sorts. I wrote and played all the music. It has been performed live once as Lyd and Fancy with Guy Harries on vocals at a fashion show at the Royal Academy in 2008. This is not really an ongoing project.


iNiT was an electro pop outfit in which I played bass in 2007 - 2008. It was a lot of fun and we played quite a few gigs. I left at the end of 2008 and the band has since split up (I am not entirely sure why).