Live in London with Graham Dunning and Anthony Donovan

Matthew Chilton, Graham Dunning, and Anthony Donovan live at The Minesweeper, London, United Kingdom, April 11, 2014. from PAS Musique on Vimeo.

Live in Gdansk with Anthony Donovan Pt I

Live in Gdansk with Anthony Donovan Pt II

Live in Gdansk with Anthony Donovan Pt III

Vultures Quartet Live at Boat Ting, 5th Dec 2011

Our 50th gig and something of a celebration. We were joined by Steve Beresford for this one.

Vultures Quartet Live at Ship Of Fools, 4th Sept 2011

For various reasons this was our first gig together for some months, but we still felt we pulled it off and the audience certainly seemed to think so!

Vultures Quartet live at Late at Tate 3rd Dec 2010

A great gig with Ernesto Tomasini on vocals. Lots of people there.

Vultures Live at the Others 15th July 2010

Live with PAS/Vultures at the Avant Garde Festival July 2010

We went back to Jean Herve Peron's Avant Garde Festival in Germany this year. Lots of fun, particularly dressing the stage with glow sticks that Robert had sent over from the USA.

PAS/Vultures live at the Avant Garde Festival 7-4-2010 from PAS (Post Abortion Stress) on Vimeo.

Vultures Quartet live at the Foundry with Ampersand 10th April 2010

Our final gig at the Foundry - which sadly closed not long after this gig. Thanks to everyone involved in that venue for making it such a great place to play and just to hang around in.

Renderplant, Rebecca Bogue and Damo Suzuki

An amazing night improvising with a chopping board, OpenCV to track Rebecca Bogue's dancing, processing live sound and grooving to Wayne Owens' astonishing computer driven madness! Not forgetting Damo Suzuki who was such a pleasure to work with - what an amazing voice - and such a wonderfully reactive improviser.

Vultures Quartet, Rebecca Bogue and Damo Suzuki

The second night of our festival with Damo Suzuki. Thanks very much to Giles for filming it on his phone!

Window Meeting

A brilliant project with Rebecca Bogue, Jane Munro and Will Connor and Anthony Donovan from the Vultures Quartet. This took place in a disused shop in Edmonton Green shopping centre, we played for around 4 hours and got great feedback from the people there.

Thanks very much to Sumer Erek for letting us use the space and for having his artwork in it and also for filming us in there.

A wonderful day for all of us (Rebecca Bogue, Will Connor, Anthony Donovan, Jane Munro, Sumer Erek and me) lots of fun and an amazing audience!

OpenCV test

Playing at home with Pd/GEM and OpenCV - motion tracking fed into an FM synth. Using the X Y coordinates to distort the picture as well as using them to control the synth.

As you can see OpenCV tracks well - I think it moves pretty fast, considering how quickly I was using my hands. I am really quite a fan. Very reactive. Ace programming from OpenCV!

Renderplant at the Foundry 12-08-2009

Rebecca Bogue, Wayne Owens and me downstairs at the Foundry last year at one of Ryan Jordan's Noise=Noise nights.

This time using Max/MSP/Jitter to detect luminance to create sound. See the two videos below for the full sound - unfortunately all I could get was the Max/MSP QuickRecord (with QT output) for this video.

Renderplant at the Foundry 12-08-2009

Two of Ryan Jordan's videos of us performing:

Part I

Part II

Vultures at the Vortex, Mopomoso night

That's my bike you can hear occasionally here. And my computer moreso. I no longer have the nice bouncey electric blue Roubaix tape on my handlebars as it's too easy to steal (I dunno why anyone would have wanted to steal such sweaty dirty tape). Mentalists!

Silliness aside, Will and Anthony are amazing in this. And thanks so much to Helen for filming it. We really enjoyed this one, lovely, intimate and interested crowd. What more could you wish for?

Vultures: The Vortex 20th Sept 2009

Part II

Vultures: The Vortex 20th Sept 2009 part 2

Shugoran live at The Others

A new project: me, Will and Dayvid West. OpenCV used and also Will was moving my contact mics around on his kit so I could process the sound. Amazing sounds from Dayvid on guitar and processed vocals. Expect much more of this trio in future! This was our first outing.

Vultures, PAS and Rebecca Bogue live at the Avant Garde festival 2009

As part of our European tour in 2009 we played at Jean Herve Peron's festival in Schiphorst in Germany. Being part of a Faust festival was amazing, even moreso when JH insisted on us playing an encore which ate into his own Faust set (which was amazingly good). We're all doing it again in 2010.

Avant Garde Festival 2009 Part 1

Vultures Quartet | MySpace Music Videos

Avant Garde Festival 2009 Part 2

Vultures Quartet | MySpace Music Videos

Vultures, Sandeep Mishra, Steve Beresford and Alpesh Moharir at The Nave

A great night with two incredibly talented Indian musicians and the incomparable Steve Beresford playing his fantastic "toys". This was followed up a few months later with another performance at the Nave with the same line up and Jo Quail on cello - another exceptional musician.

Live at Nambucca with The Miller Test 13/04/11

I am playing synth bass on the first track, bass on the second. I've worked with Miller on and off for about 15 years now. Sam was in Spork for our final bout of gigs in 2008 and I've played with Gav (drums) for years in a few different bands. A lot of fun for all four of us.

SSC Blues / Misleading

Come Offline